Well and Septic Inspections

Well and Septic Inspections in Wisconsin

U.S. Water, LLC is a Realtor’s Dream Come True

Well and Septic Inspections by U.S. Water in Wisconsin

We provide professional Well and Septic Inspections for Wisconsin’s Real Estate Agents, Realtors, Appraisers, Homeowners & Sellers, FSBO, & Property Managers.

Our skilled, trained and certified water well & septic inspectors provide fast turnaround time, accurate results, highly-competitive pricing & convenient service appointments to meet your closing schedule needs.

We also provide comprehensive home inspections via our sister company, Wisconsin Home Inspectors.

Why Choose U.S. Water, LLC?

  • Our Well and Septic Inspections and Water Tests are available year-round!
  • Not only do we test for contamination & basic function, our certified plumbing staff can also treat or repair issues for efficient, one-stop problem resolution.

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*All counties in blue are areas that U.S. Water, LLC services in Wisconsin.

Our Well And Septic Inspections Include Testing For:

Arsenic | Coliform / E. coli Bacteria | Nitrates

Plus A Full Analysis of:

Well | Septic System | Existing Water Treatment Systems

= Additional Water Tests Available Upon Request

Payment is due on, or before, the date of service.
We accept payment via credit card, check or money order.


In addition to well and septic inspections, U.S. Water, LLC offers a variety of other water treatment and testing services! To learn more about all that we offer, visit our homepage.