Water Testing Kits

Water Testing Kits

Realtors, Plumbers, Well Drillers and System Operators
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When You Receive Your Water Testing Kit

Water Testing Kits in Wisconsin | U.s. Water, LLC

Your water testing kit will have sample bottles packed specifically for the type of water test you selected. Each bottle provided will be quality tested for the specific tests requested.

Please follow the sampling instructions on the back of the sample paperwork and chain of custody. If you happen to lose your sampling instructions, or would rather use a digital copy, please click here.

Please fill out all necessary sample information, and re-freeze the ice pack to include with nitrate/nitrite samples & the water treatment package.

Below is a DNR-produced video that helps you with collecting the water sample:

Sample Notes

Bacteria & Nitrate/Nitrite samples have short hold times and must be returned to the lab via next-day delivery. Please do NOT ship on Friday for Saturday delivery as the lab does not receive samples on the weekend.

Samples received outside of their hold times will be rejected.

  • Bacteria (30 Hours)
  • Nitrate/Nitrite (48 Hours)

Once You’re Finished

Once you have your sample, you can drop it off at our front desk or ship it back to us:

U.S. Water, LLC
6905 Venture Circle
Weston, WI 54476-4519

Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Questions/Comments About Our Water Testing Kits?

Water Testing Kits

All tests will be completed in one business day upon receipt unless noted otherwise.

Metals Package

Arsenic, Lead.


Safe Water Package

Arsenic, Total Coliform/E. Coli, & Nitrate.


Annual Water Test Package

Nitrate, Total Coliform/E. Coli.


Water Treatment Package

Alkalinity, Hardness, Iron, pH, & TDS.



Test once, monitor based on level detected.



Test once, especially homes built prior to 1985.


Coliform/E. Coli

The WDNR recommends testing for Coliform/E.Coli annually and after all well work.



Test once, monitor based on level detected.



Homes with new copper plumbing or natural soft water.



Test if you have color to your water.



Test when an infant is born.



Recommended for hot tubs, pools, & spas to help prevent infection.


Water Hardness

Test once to verify if softener is needed.



Test annually, especially if within 14 mile of agriculture. Test before pregnancy or at time of birth.



Test as needed, can cause methemoglobinemia in infants.


Nitrate + Nitrite



* Chromium & Copper need extra time for evaluation
Please allow an extra business day for these tests

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