Saltless Water Softener System

Whole-Home Filtration & Scale Prevention
NO Additives!

No Salt, No Added Chemicals, No Electricity Needed

Just Clean, Mineral-Rich Water

Innovative green technologies bring clean, healthy, great-tasting water to your home or office while protecting the environment from dangerous chemicals & additives.

Our saltless water softener is an effective, easy-to-maintain, money-saving solution!

  • Every ounce of water is treated – no wasted water!
  • Anti-scale technology – reduces time spent scrubbing scale build-up from showers, dishes, etc.
  • Protect plumbing systems & appliances.
  • Replaces all tap/fridge/jug filters & water softeners.
  • Highly economical – saves you money!

All of our water softeners are manufactured in Weston, WI.

Get clean water the natural way with a Saltless Water Softener System from U.S. Water, LLC today!