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Premium Water Softeners at affordable prices – basic or custom solutions

Get a top-of-the-line water softener that protect against hard water, and offers more benefits than the competition. US Water’s efficient, high quality water softeners are the best solution to the expensive, damaging effects of hard water.

twin softener system

What is a Water Softener?

Water softeners are devices that remove hard minerals through a technique called ion exchange, where a small amount of sodium replaces the hard minerals in the water. The small amount of sodium left over is simply flushed out when you run your water.

What is hard water & how do I fix it?

Hard water means that the water has a high amount of dissolved minerals in it. The results of hard water are: limescale build-up on plumbing fixtures, various colors of staining of sinks & tubs, lack of soap suds, and dingy, bad-feeling laundry. Hard water can also reduce the efficiency and lifespan of water heaters, boilers, cooling towers and other water treatment related equipment. Not only that, but your pots & pans, dishwasher, refrigerator water dispenser, and even your coffee-maker can wear out, and need replacement quicker. Our water treatment systems make quick work of hard water.

U.S. Water has the Answer to Hard Water

We are proud to offer top-of-the-line water softeners at affordable prices. Our team of local Wisconsin water treatment experts is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We work hard to make sure that all your questions are answered and your home or business’ water problems are solved.

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US Water’s Water Softener Systems

From basic solutions to custom-made water softening systems, big or small, one-faucet to whole-home RO & filtration, we’ve got you covered.

Our Saltless Water Softener gives you softer water using no salt, no added chemicals, not even electricity! The Ultimate Twin Water Softener is our best-selling unit and features self-regeneration with no downtime and this unit self-cleans using only clean water.

We exclusively use ProSoft water softener salt as well as provide water softener salt delivery service.

For over 20 years, US Water has provided Wisconsin homes & businesses with the best water softening systems available, at extremely affordable prices. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with our water softeners and their ability to get you safe, drinkable, and usable water.

Brine tank, saltless, dual-tank, custom-built, you name it, we’ve got it. Fill out the form to schedule a call, or get an estimate.

twin softener system
The Ultimate Twin, A US Water Softening System

Ultimate Twin Water Softening System

  • Our most popular conditioner
  • Up-flow regeneration
  • No timers or clocks
  • Cleans with new, clean water only
  • Comes in a variety of sizes

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