Sampling Procedure for Metals Testing

Requires A Metals Testing Bottle

  1. Locate an indoor sample tap that does not leak.
  2. Let the water run for several minutes.
  3. Fill the bottle leaving 1″ of space between water & cap.
  4. Metals samples can be stored at room temperature until they arrive at our laboratory.
  5. Special Instructions for Lead & Copper
    • If you suspect lead solder, lead pipes, or are uncertain about the possible lead (copper) source, the testing should be a “first draw” sample – one taken from a drinking faucet after water has not been run for 6 hours or more (EPA).
    • If you suspect a new submersible pump, lead service line, connection, lead well screen, paccking collar, or checking the well as the source, follow Steps 1-4 above.

Sample Records Will Be Maintained for 5 Years Before Disposal

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