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What Is A Pseudomonas Infection?

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Pseudomonas infections can occur anywhere on your body. The most common strain of the bacteria that leads to the infection is Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The infection can cause rashes, ear infections, and pneumonia. It can be even more severe for individuals who have their immune systems compromised — with possible symptoms including blood infections.

Where Is Pseudomonas Commonly Found?

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Pseudomonas bacteria can be found in a variety of locations – especially in damp and warm environments. It can be found in areas such as pools, hot tubs, bathrooms, sinks, and kitchens. The bacteria can spread rapidly in public settings such as hospitals or hotels where equipment like hot tubs, swimming pools, or humidifiers are not properly maintained.


U.S. Water Trusts Pseudalert For Pseudomonas Testing

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Benefits to the Psuedalert Test:

  • Fast: The Pseudalert® Test delivers results fast so that you can respond quickly if need be. It can deliver confirmed culture results in only 24 hours!
  • Accurate: This testing method can detest Pseudomonas aeruginosa – the only Pseudomonas species known to cause health issues – when traditional culture methods do not.
  • Consistent: This test has greater than 98% reproducibility which helps remove uncertainty. This means you won’t have to re-test before taking action!
  • Relevant: This test is very timely and important, as it focuses specifically on a very dangerous form of bacteria that can cause serious health problems.

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*All factual information found on this page regarding Pseudonomas is brought to you by the CDC, WebMD, and IDEXX labs.