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You cannot taste, see, or smell nitrate in your water, yet poses a health danger to all ages.

Introducing Nitrate Shield™ from U.S. Water

Nitrate Shield is the cutting-edge treatment technology from U.S. Water that will stop nitrate before it ever enters your home. Unlike “under-the-sink” systems, Nitrate Shield is a robust “whole home” system that works together with your water softening system, safeguarding your entire water system. 

Scalable for both residential and commercial needs, this system employs industry-leading materials to consistently and thoroughly eliminate nitrates from your water supply.

How Does Nitrate Shield Work?

Nitrate Shield is a highly effective multi-stage treatment system that uses ion exchange. The ion exchange process for the removal of nitrates is both simple and effective. It operates in the same manner as a common water softener and can easily remove well over 90 percent of the nitrates. Nitrate Shield is installed at the point of entry for a whole-home treatment solution. 


Nitrate contamination is on the rise in Wisconsin’s wells, and it poses severe health risks, including rapid heart rate, nausea, headaches, and abdominal cramps. Moreover, research links high nitrate exposure to potential thyroid problems and certain cancers.

The Wisconsin Department of Resources (WDNR) recommends testing once a year.


STEP 1 Water Softener 

Your waters journey begins by eliminating minerals for Nitrate Shield’s best performance. The twin tanks ensure no downtime and maximum nitrate removal.


STEP 2 Nitrate Shield 

In the nitrate removal process, resin material within the tank attracts and traps the nitrate ions, removing them from your water supply, ensuring cleaner and safer water for you and your family.


STEP 3 Injection System 

Lastly the pH Balancing System injects the precise amount of neutralizer into the water stream. Because it is metered, it maintains an EXACT pH level regardless of the flow rate.

Choose Clean, Safe Water with Nitrate Shield

At U.S. Water, we’re dedicated to delivering innovative water solutions combatting nitrate contamination, ensuring access to clean, safe drinking water.

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