U.S. Water - Lab Slips

It’s important to have the correct form, documentation, or lab slip when submitting your water testing sample. This helps the team at US Water Labs make sure that your test results are sent to where they should be. Below, you’ll find the correct lab slips for our water tests. Please fill out the appropriate form prior to submitting your sample. We recommend printing it, filling it out, and sending it back in the box. We also accept online submission, call for details.

Homeowners & Contractors:

Water Testing Lab Slip

Whether you’re looking for our Annual Water Test, Water Treatment Test, Real Estate Test, or our Metals Test, this lab slip covers that and more. Any sample that you submit will be considered private information and the results will only be released to the party responsible for paying for the sample.


Pump Work Lab Slip

Whenever work is done on a well, a coliform bacteria test is required. The lab slip below is the appropriate one for this situation. These results will be submitted to the private drinking water division of the DNR.

Pump-Less Water Well Lab Slip

If you are obtaining the water sample between the time that the well is drilled and when the pump is installed, you’ll need the form below.

New Water Well Lab Slip

Lab slips for new wells are not available online but can be found in the well driller’s new well packet. These results will be submitted to the private drinking water division of the DNR.

Public Water Supply Lab Slip

Does the facility you’re looking to obtain a sample from have more than 15 service connections? Does it serve more than 25 people at least 60 days every year? Then you’ll need a special lab slip, since this well is considered a public facility. These water test results will be submitted to the public drinking water division of the DNR. The button links to the Department of Natural Resources website.