Bottleless Water Coolers

Save Time, Money & Energy!

You can have perfect drinking water & coffee at home or at work with our bottleless water coolers.

Also known as “Point-Of-Use”, or POU Water Purification Systems, bottleless water coolers provide filtered, fresh, clean water with the simple push of a button. Hot or Cold, instantly. All without having to lift and store heavy, cumbersome water bottles!
Bottleless Water Cooler Benefits

Bottleless Water Coolers from U.S. Water, LLC

  • An UNLIMITED supply of pure, fresh, delicious chilled, ambient or sparkling water – the best there is.

  • Hygienic water guaranteedWaterlogic’s sealed POU water coolers have no exposed reservoirs like bottle dispensers do and no scope for contamination from dirty handling.

  • Installing a number of filters & purified water stations at your office or workplace can lead to: healthier employees, higher productivity, reduced risk of illness, and less absenteeism.

  • No more used bottles being discarded or added to landfills.

  • No need to store bottles – use your space more productively.

  • A bottleless water cooler results in less wasted time, fuel usage, and traffic congestion – all because you’re free of constant bottle delivery hassles.

  • Bottleless water coolers are easy to connect to the water mains system.

  • No heavy lifting means no risk of injury.

  • No security risk from disruptive visits – it’s why banks, airports, stadiums, and military bases (all which need to restrict access) choose POU.

  • Cost Savings – why pay for more water (bottles) when you’re already paying for the water that you currently have?

  • Taste! Just try the water from our bottleless water coolers. It’s great. Really, really great!

    • From 2005-2010, 73% of the 1.5 million new water dispensers installed worldwide were POU – not bottle water systems. All of those people can’t be wrong!

      = Independent research by Zenith International, specialist consultants to the food and beverage industries.