The reliable solution for balancing pH
and reducing corrosion

Old Bathroom Sink Faucet contaminated with calcium and grime. Hard water flows from an old tap aerator.

Introducing Corrosion Shield™ from U.S. Water

Corrosion Shield from U.S. Water is a metered pH Balancing System which injects the precise amount of neutralizer into the water stream regardless of the flow rate.

What is pH? Why is it important?

Acidic water can corrode metal pipes, water heaters and plumbing fixtures, causing leaks and premature failure. Water with balanced pH protects your systems and appliances from costly damage.


The metered system delivers precise pH adjustment

This precision injection system neutralizes the pH at any flow rate – high or low. How does it work?

  1. Your home’s water enters through the Meter which measures the flow rate. (See system diagram above)
  2. The heart of this system is the Electronic Injection Pump which mounts near the tank for easy accessibility. The pump responds to the meter data and injects potassium carbonate from the tank into the water stream.
  3. The water then flows through the Mixer, which ensures a consistent blend for perfectly balanced water as it flows into your home’s water system.

Corrosion Shield’s “smart meter” automatically adjusts to maintain precise pH level

SMART Injection System vs Calcite Neutralizer System

Another option for treating low pH in your home’s water is a calcite neutralizer system.
While both systems can initially adjust your pH to desired levels, the Injection pH Balancing System is more effective at rapidly adjusting the pH of acidic water and maintaining a steady pH level over the long-term.


Meter: 2.58″W x 4″D x5.5 4.6″H
Injection Pump: 4″W x 5.25″D x 6″H
Tank: 18″W x 18″D x 35″H
Electrical Requirement: 120V

4 gallon liquid concentrate additive.
Refill frequency depends on water usage.

*National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)

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At U.S. Water, we are committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our Wisconsin state-certified laboratory ensures timely and accurate water testing. With our Drinking Water Systems, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family or coworkers are hydrating with the purest and most refreshing water available.

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