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Free Lead Service Line Replacement in Wausau, Wi - find out if you qualify
Wausau residents could qualify for free or greatly reduced Lead Water Service Line (LSL) replacements. Learn more from the US Water team.

Are you eligible to get the Lead Pipes leading to your home replaced for free?

If you’ve received a letter from Wausau Water Works about your home’s eligibility, you may qualify for a grant up to $5,000 that will massively reduce the price, or make it completely free to replace your Lead Water Service Line – just cover the taxes. The grants are made available in the interest of public health by the US Government. Recipients of the eligibility letters should contact Wausau Water Works to set up an appointment, to start the process – more details below.

It’s our understanding that there is a very limited availability for this service from other plumbing businesses in the area. U.S. Water in Weston has recently expanded our plumbing team, and is able to take on this project for the community. Our Plumbing team, led by Master Plumber Mike Anderes, has replaced multiple Lead Service Lines already in the City of Wausau, and we have availability to book many more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch; once the temperatures start to drop it becomes much more difficult to do the work.

How do I qualify for a Lead Water Service Line replacement grant?

Wausau residents have to be on Wausau Water Works’ “eligible households” list. This list is composed of homes on streets that were recently redone, or are currently being redone. This criteria must be met because the Water Works needs to have replaced their water main with a modernized material, because this ensures clean drinking water is available for the house even if the home’s lines are made of less safe materials like lead, leaded metal, or galvanized metal. This requirement also creates a more efficient system than digging up everyone’s yard that asks, to possibly see what the water service line is made of.

What is the process to get my Lead Water Service Line replaced?

The process looks like this:

  • Letters are sent to eligible households by Wausau Water Works.
  • Eligible residents interested in using the grant to get their service lines replaced for free, should call Wausau Water Works to set an appointment to work out the details.
  • The appointment consists of: a Wausau Water Works employee comes to your home, or check their records, to determine if the home’s Water Service Line is made of unsafe materials.
  • If the water service line is lead or galvanized metal, residents will then be provided with the program information, and a list of approved plumbers.
  • The next step is to seek a quote from an approved plumbing service provider – like US Water, LLC of Weston, WI.
  • Once the quote is completed, it is submitted alongside the Permit Application for Lead Water Service Line Replacement form provided by Wausau Water Works.
  • Once approved, U.S. Water can get to work replacing the Lead Water Service Line.

What is a Lead Water Service Line

Lead Water Service Lines (Also called Lead Service Lines, or LSL) are water pipes made from leaded metal that connects the city’s water main to your home. Lead pipes were commonly used in residential and commercial properties for drinking water and sewer pipes up until the 1960’s. Environmental and health regulations were introduced during that timeframe, because of the negative impacts on public health from lead leeching into the drinking water. Unsafe levels of lead in drinking water has been a hot topic issue for many years, most famously in the case of the situation in Flint, Michigan.

Lead Service Line - Depiction by WI DNR of water service line
WI DNR illustration of Water Service Line. Lead pipes were used in the construction of older homes and businesses. Get in touch to have them replaced by US Water, LLC.

How to start the Lead Service Line replacement grant process

If you’ve received a letter from Wausau Water Works, set an appointment with them to verify that your water service line is made of lead. Once you’ve completed that step – call us at (715) 842-2215 or fill out the form at the link below. Let’s work together to get your Lead Service Line replacement estimate started.


Matt Zastrow
Matt Zastrow

Laboratory Manager at US Water. 10 years of experience in water testing. WI DNR & CDC Elite Certified.

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