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A deadline is set for The Joint Commission's new standards regarding Legionella (EC.02.05.02, EPs 1–4). Learn why US Water is your hospital or nursing care facility's best choice for CMS compliance.

New CMS Standards Announced

To better assist Hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals, & Nursing Care Facilities in addressing and avoiding the deadly consequences of a Legionella outbreak, the start-date for a new set of risk-reducing standards has been announced.

Effective January 1, 2022 The Joint Commission headed by Dr. Mark Chassin has approved a new standard on water management programs. These standards cover Legionella & other waterborne pathogens (EC.02.05.02, EPs 1–4).

The new standards labeled EC.02.05.02, EPs 1–4 will replace 2 separate previous standards that covered different types of facilities: EC.02.05.01 EP 14 (for hospitals & critical access hospitals) and EP 6 (for nursing care centers). The two previous EPs will continue to be scored until their replacement scheduled for 12/31/21.

Outbreaks of Legionnaire’s disease can be devastating to the health of those affected. Legionella outbreaks are also devastating to the bottom line of the organization that bears responsibility for the exposure. The deadline has been set, so what needs to be done?

Compliance with The Joint Commission’s New Standards

In order to comply with The Joint Commission’s new CMS standards, hospitals, critical access hospitals, and nursing care facilities may need to partner with an organization that employs a certified Legionella Water Safety & Management professional. That’s where U.S. Water comes in. We have several highly trained laboratory technicians on-staff to assist your facility or organization in the soon-to-be-released compliance process.

Why Choose U.S. Water LLC for Water System Management & Legionella Testing

U.S. Water LLC has the only privately-owned on-site CDC Elite certified lab in Wisconsin. We have clients all over the state of Wisconsin, and we offer on-location sampling, as well as DIY or ‘shipped sampling’ plans. At any point in the new Joint Commission compliance process, we’re here to help. Whether you need the development of a legionella management plan, water sampling, water testing, temporary or permanent remediation, we have the experience and expertise to handle it all. US Water is on your side.

With over half-a-decade of Legionella testing, management, & remediation experience, the US Water Labs Team knows that it is a dangerous pathogen that should be taken seriously. However, it’s not uncommon in our sales & outreach efforts to find a university, hospital, nursing home, hotel, or long-term care facility operating without a water management or testing plan for Legionella and other dangerous waterborne pathogens.

Don’t wait until the last moment, or settle for a Management Plan or Testing Agreemnet with a company that lacks a secure chain of custody. Get in touch with U.S. Water LLC today.


Matt Zastrow
Matt Zastrow

Laboratory Manager at US Water. 10 years of experience in water testing. WI DNR & CDC Elite Certified.

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Since June of 2000, US Water has provided Wisconsin homes & businesses with expert solutions to their water problems. 


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