Treating PFAS in Wisconsin’s Drinking Water

Treating PFAS Contamination in Groundwater You’ve certainly heard the growing concern about PFAS in the state’s drinking water. PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a class of long-lasting chemicals that have raised significant health and environmental concerns in recent years. Here’s what you need to know: Widespread Use PFAS are found in many consumer, […]

7 Tips to Keep Your Water Well Healthy This Winter

Six Tips to Keep Your Well Well This Winter Even the kindest  So, as the leaves change and the temperatures drop in Wisconsin, it’s time to shift our focus to essential fall maintenance for your water well. Cold climates pose unique challenges for well owners, and proactive care during the autumn season can help ensure […]

Pros and Cons of Owning a Private Well for Water

Pros and Cons of Owning a Private Well The decision to own a private well for your water supply is one that many homeowners contemplate, and it comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages. If you already own a well, or if you’re considering one, it’s important to ensure its proper functioning. For peace […]

Improving Water Quality: The Role of Water Softeners

Improving Water Quality: The Role of Water Softeners Water softeners are a common household appliance that many homeowners turn to for improving the quality of their water. These devices are indeed effective at addressing a specific issue: water hardness. However, there’s a common misconception that water softeners make your water safer to drink. In this […]

Buying a Home? Avoid These Water Headaches

A hand is placing a small model home on grass

Buying a Home? Avoid These Water Headaches! Buying or building a new home is an exciting journey filled with many decisions and considerations. Certainly, curb appeal and construction quality are important, and many people invest in a home inspection before making a buying commitment. However, it’s equally important to pay close attention to the water […]

Nitrate Contamination Increasing in Wisconsin’s Rural Wells

Nitrate contamination is rising in Central Wisconsin Recent studies have shown that nitrate contamination is increasing in Wisconsin’s rural private wells. High nitrate levels pose a significant threat to private wells and businesses across our state, particularly in rural areas. Nitrates, introduced mainly through agricultural runoff, fertilizers, and industrial activities, can infiltrate groundwater, leading to […]

ARPA Grant Program for Treatment of Contaminated Wells

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue has announced the availability of grants through the Wisconsin DNR for Wisconsin residents to treat contamination in their private wells. General Information To qualify, the applicant must meet income eligibility, and the contamination must be documented by a certified test laboratory. The program provides financial assistance to well owners to […]

84 Potentially Exposed to Legionella at Duke Basketball Camp

84 exposed to legionella bacteria at duke university basketball camp - learn more US WATER

Legionella testing & management might have prevented Duke University from appearing in headlines last week for a potential legionella outbreak at a prestigious private basketball training camp. An estimated 84 individuals participating in the private “Coach K.” basketball camp at Duke University are suspected to have caught Legionella bacterium on-campus between August 11th and 15th. […]