Water Softening System

 Our Exclusive Water Softening System: The ULTIMATE TWIN


Enjoy instant improvement in the quality of your water

Our ULTIMATE TWIN Water Softening system is 24/7 protection from hard water!

Hard water is called that because it is high in mineral content.  The result of hard water is limescale build-up on plumbing fixtures, staining of sinks and tubs, a lack of soap suds, and dingy laundry.

Hard water can also reduce the efficiency and lifespan of water heaters, boilers, cooling towers, and other water-related equipment.

Our ULTIMATE TWIN water softener takes efficiency to the max.  100% of the tanks’ conditioning capacity is used – which means less regeneration. When one tank depletes, the system simply switches over to the fresh tank on standby.  No downtime, and no interruption to water softening.

  • Utilizing “upflow regeneration”, the ULTIMATE TWIN Water Softener improves efficiency and eliminates resin bed compaction.
  • Comes in sizes to fit all homes and commercial applications.
  • No timers or clocks to change or re-set due to power outage! The ULTIMATE TWIN is worry-free 24/7 protection!
  • Automatically adjusts to any volume of water usage.
  • Automatically cleans itself with clean water only.
  • Regenerates by number of gallons used – only.  SAVE with reduced salt and water consumption!
  • Customizable to fit your water softening and treatment needs.

 Water Softening System - Ultimate Twin Continuous from US Water, LLC

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