Ultimate Twin Water Softener System

A U.S. Water, LLC Exclusive!

Ultimate Twin | Continuous Water Softener System

Our exclusive Ultimate Twin water softener system takes efficiency to the MAX!

100% of the tanks’ conditioning capacity is used which results in less regeneration. When one tank depletes, the system simply switches over to the fresh tank on standby.

No downtime and no interruption to the water softening process.


  • Utilizing “upflow regeneration”, the Ultimate Twin improves efficiency & eliminates resin bed compaction.
  • Comes in sizes to fit all homes and commercial applications.
  • No timers or clocks to change/reset because of a power outage. The Ultimate Twin is worry-free, 24/7 protection!
  • Automatically adjusts to any volume of water usage.
  • Cleans itself with CLEAN WATER only.
  • Regenerates by the number of gallons used; save money with reduced salt and water consumption!
  • Can be custom-fit your water softener & water treatment needs.
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