Water Softener Salt Delivery

Direct to Your Wisconsin Home or Office

Our pre-scheduled water softener salt delivery will save you hassle, strain, storage space and worry!

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How Much Do You Need?
We’ll help you determine just how often you’ll need delivery – and of what products – so you will be assured of never running out.
Friendly Reminders
We’ll send you a reminder (if preferred) prior to our delivery visit.
Product Efficiency
We use only professional-grade salt, peroxide, filters, and other products – which means your water treatment equipment will perform better and more efficiently. This leads to better water, and longer equipment life.
Basement Steps
If you have trouble navigating your stairwells – or bending, lifting, and seeing – our Professional Water Technicians will do the work for you, delivering your supplies right where you need them. No more worry about getting those heavy bags or boxes from your garage down to your water softener or filter.
Work & Family Obligations
Many of us are busy with other obligations which prevent us from having the time to remember to schedule deliveries. If you’d like, U.S. Water, LLC will set up automatic deliveries based on your average usage.
Commercial & Residential
We offer our Loyalty Agreement Program to both businesses & homeowners. From farms to factories to two-bedroom home – we’ve got all of your water needs covered.

We also deliver these water treatment products & supplies:

Resin Cleaner

(RO) Filters & Membranes

(RO) Water

Resin Feeders

Filters (Iron, Sulfur, Bacteria)

Neut Media


Potassium Carbonate



Ultraviolet (UV) Bulbs