Stenner Pumps

The Ideal Chemical Injection Pumps for Water Treatment

Stenner Peristaltic
Injection Pumps

Stenner pumps are the time-tested solution for consistency in chemical injection (also known as chemical feed pumps) and long-term reliability.

By consistently utilizing the best water treatment products available, U.S. Water, LLC helps ensure the complete and continuous water purification satisfaction of our customers.

We Treat Problem Water For
Residential & Commercial Needs

Stenner Pumps are used for injection purposes in the following applications:

  • Situations with low Ph
  • Peroxide injection to increase oxygen levels
  • Protection from corrosion of plumbing pipes & appliances

Why We Choose Stenner:

  • Pumps are self-priming against maximum working pressure
  • Do not clog from debris and can run dry
  • They pump off-gassing solutions without losing prime

Are You Experiencing Issues With Your Water?

No matter if you need water treatment at a farm, home, campground, school, church, trailer park, or anywhere else – U.S. Water, LLC will find solutions using the best products (backed by the best service) in the industry. Contact us today!